BEFORE and AFTER CicaLux – Healthport Australia

17 Jun 2021

Just check out these amazing BEFORE and AFTER photos of people using the CicaLux scar healing kit!

Some of these scars are many years old!
Meet our gorgeous boy, Flynn!
At 7mths he had open heart surgery – leaving him with a souvenier of life’s journey – a zipper scar.
Scars tell a story about our lives – often a life changing one. Scars tell a story about our survival, our transformations or new beginnings!
Scars are a celebration of life!  
CicaLux is a multi-therapy scar healing kit that gets AMAZING results on your incisional AND keloid scars. Whether your own ‘souvenier’ scar is new or old – if it is itchy, red, annoying, uncomfortable or you just would like to keep your ‘lifes’ trophy’ on the downlow – CicaLux is for you!
CicaLux has had great results with people that have had either a breast reduction or augmentation; a c-section; knee replacements; tummy tucks – the list goes on!
So whilst you may love the story that your scar tells about your own journey – it doesn’t have to make things uncomfortable in the telling!
You can now get your own CicaLux scar healing kit  buy CicaLux NOW (-: