Australian Mum running again thanks to Carinwear!

16 Jun 2021



Kylie, mum of 3, road tested Carinwear.

One in three women will experience urinary incontinence through their lives. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help with the leaks. That is where Carinwear comes in. Kylie, mum of 3 from South Australia, recently tried out the Carinwear program.

Have a read at what Kylie had to say!

“Following the birth of our three children, I experienced urinary incontinence, particularly with exercise. Like many women I found it difficult to prioritise the time toward fixing the problem. Attending physio appointments was costly and hard to fit into my already packed schedule. I found it difficult to dedicate the time to practice the exercises set by the physio and felt bad returning if I hadn’t done the set “homework.”

I was reluctant to try any devices that required insertion, probably because I knew I would be unlikely to continue with them.

The Carin Pelvic Floor Trainer appealed to me because the program was accessible, being on your mobile phone.  I liked the idea of being able to measure your progress.

I had some initial issues setting the device up, but I believe this was due to a technical issue which has now been resolved. The support I received around this was prompt and continued until I was sure of what I was doing and seeing some results.

Once I got started I found it easy to get into a routine of completing the exercises each day and measuring which motivated me to continue.

The exercise videos are clear and easy to follow. You can watch them anytime and practice most of the exercises while you are doing other things like driving or washing dishes. Once you have a routine and practice each day you quickly notice progress. You become aware of your pelvic floor and posture and really notice how much better you become at intuitively checking, readjusting and engaging your muscles.

Kylie’s results?

I have noticed a dramatic improvement and don’t have incontinence even with high impact exercise now. Once you have purchased the device you can revisit the program if you need, which is also an added bonus.

I would definitely recommend the Carin program for accessibility, ability to implement into your daily life and most importantly for the results.

Thanks Kylie”

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