CicaLux Scar therapy at home – A Scar Therapist’s review

06 Jan 2021

Meet Hannah!  Hannah is a Scar Therapist and Physiotherapist Therapy Director in the UK.

In 2020 Hannah trialed the multi-award winning CicaLux Scar kit on….herself!

Three years ago, Hannah had a c-section – which left a scar, that three years later was continuning to be troublesome, and uncomfortable.

Given Hannah’s extensive experience, she knew of the large body of research around scar healing – which tells us that compression, heat, massage, hydration and tension relief are important factors in healing.

Hannah looked to the CicaLux Scar healing kit – which not only contains a reusable medical grade silicone sheet; but also offers a natural stone which is able to be used for massage and heat therapy and compression tape.  The CicaLux kit can be safely used by people, on their own terms, in their own homes.

Despite a global pandemic, CicaLux continued to wow in 2020 – to date it has picked up awards from the prestigious Victoire de la Beaute; Mother and Baby awards; Mom’s choice awards and National Parenting Product Awards!

In short, what did Hannah make of CicaLux?

I’m really impressed. On a scar that is over 3 years old, it seems to be a dramatic improvement in a quite short space of time


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You can check out her first glance of CicaLux and then amazing results JUST 16 days later

What does this all mean for us here in Australia?  Well we can now access the amazing CicaLux Scar healing kit in Australia too!