Healthport providers for NDIS

20 Jul 2020

Healthport are excited to announce that they are now approved providers for NDIS!

This means that whether you have a self-managed or managed NDIS package, you are able use your funding to purchase items through Healthport Australia!

NDIS providers Australia

Healthport is an Australian based company that scours the world to identify pioneering wearable health products that people can use at home. Healthport proudly works alongside start-ups or established innovative technology companies, who have developed innovative wearable solutions to chronic health conditions.

Healthport’s partners are responsible for moulding some of the most cutting-edge technological advancements to develop life changing, wearable medical devices.  Our devicees enable greater control and independence for those faced with chronic health conditions.

NDIS participants can now use their funding to access Healthport’s amazing wearable products.

The Oopsie Heroe’s bedwetting alarm

The Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm is a fun, wireless and very easy to use device for kids to be free of the oopsie moments. It combines a clever and simple app with a tiny sensor that teaches kids how to make it to the toilet on time at night  oopsie heroes

Carinwear pelvic floor training program

Carinwear is a wearable pelvic floor training program.  This amazing product is both, comfortable and discreet.  Our wearable is a three-part combination of beautifully designed, fast drying smart textiles, a discreet bluetooth sensor and a tailored exercise program.  The program guides and empower women to eliminate uninary stress incontinence. carinwear

Steadi-One hand stabilising glove

Steadi-One is based on cutting edge technology inspired from earthquake stabilisers. Tremors can be debilitating and cause the simplest of daily activities. Tremors make activities such as eating, drinking and writing a challenge. Steadi-One works with you to stabilise the wrist joint and achieve these activities with more ease, comfort and control. steadi-one

Our management team have a unique and long history within the field of chronic health and marketing. Our experience spans over two decades.

At Healthport, we are passionate about assisting Australians to achieve positive outcomes for their own health.