Health Hobbies to do in your 2021 Chalet of Confinement

06 Oct 2021

October is Mental Health Awareness month.  In 2021, Self-Care is more important than ever!


  • Your crochet hobby creating more holes than an actual end product?
  • Has your COVID veggie patch carked it?
  • You can’t face making sourdough AGAIN?
  • Lego purchases sending you broke?

Many of us are madly trying to keep ourselves busy with groovy (…….although a failed sourdough is anything but!) new hobbies in lockdown.  Somehow though, when life is stressful, self-care is often one of the first things to be sacrificed.  Looking after yourself when things are…..well a bit dud to put it lightly…will help you through the challenges, as well as helping you better care for others!

We cannot pour from a cup that is not filled.  Many of us spend our lives ensuring that other’s have their cups filled – we need to remember to honour ourselves with the same care.

So, this October, practice self-care the best way – do something positive for your health!

Healthport have three new healthcare goodies that are the ultimate in shaking off the Lockdown Blues.  We have three perfect activities to tick off whilst you are ferreted away in your chalets of confinement.


CicaLux – is our multi-award winning scar therapy kit!

Do you have a scar as a result of surgery ……..that has gone rouge on you?  Is it itchy; sore; raised; red; or has it turned into an even nastier scar – called a keloid?

Or maybe … have somehow managed to have surgery….in this land of lockdown and you would like to keep your scar nice and comfy….and stop it from becoming a ratbag scar?

Perhaps you are a new mum that has just had a c-section (in lockdown L); maybe you have just had top  surgery; or a tummy tuck?  What ever it is – CicaLux LOVES making scars comfy!

CicaLux incorporates gold standard Silicone Therapy WITH heat therapy AND massage AND compression!!!  You will SEE and FEEL amazing results with CicaLux – with our 60 day kit!  Do yourself a favour, grab a kit – and treat your scar!



Oopsie Heroes – The Bedwetting superhero!

So….cleaning bedsheets and wet pjs in the middle of the night….is not something you hoped you would spend all of lockdown doing? Poor sleep for kids AND adults…..does not equal good mental health!  Rightio, lets fix that!

We have a treat for you (-:

Oopsie Heroes is a fun and very clever little device that helps kids to be dry overnight!  Using proven learning theories – a fun, kid friendly app links with a very small sensor – that attaches to kid’s PJ’s.  Over time, the sensor and app work together with parents and kids to teach kids the cues to get to the toilet on time!

Kids are free from night-time accidents 6-12 weeks after they start using Oopsie Heroes bedwetting device! Dry nights – better days….for everyone!

Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm

Carinwear – Pelvic Floor Training Program

Stuck at home…..we tend to fixate even more on the things that annoy us, and that includes a niggly pelvic floor!  When our pelvic floor doesn’t play ball, it can make it painful to go to the toilet; lead to painful sex; horrible constipation; you can feel like you are up and down like a yo-yo going to the toilet; or are coping with leaks with your bowel or bladder……. AKA – not fun 😭!

Meet Carin – your pelvic floor’s new best friend!  Carin is a pelvic floor trainer that you can use at home, without a script OR you can use her with your physio monitoring things remotely. Carin can be there for you during lockdowns (no bubble required! 😉) or if you happen to live in the far-flung corners of our beautiful country.

So, we have shown you just 3 ways to fill your cup, this October 2021.  We would love to hear what other health goals people have in train!  Perhaps you are supporting your wellbeing, or supporting a friend or a loved one in other amazing ways?

To keep up to date with our new wearable health gadgets as they join the Healthport team!

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Stay safe all.

Look out for each other and reach out for help to those services that can assist if needed.

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