Scar Healing Kit

Improve the look and feel of your surgical scar - using an award winning combination of proven scar therapies!

Silicone - massage - heat and compression all in the one clever kit!

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About CicaLux

“I’m really impressed. On a scar that is over 3 years old, it seems to be a dramatic improvement in a quite short space of time” 

Hannah Poulton, Scar Therapist, Physiotherapist and user

The CicaLux Scar Healing Kit, is an award winning device offering combination therapy including 100% medical grade reusable, washable silicone; infrared energy and tension relief tape, that you can use in your own home.

CicaLux contains durable; reusable AND washable silicone PLUS massage; heat AND compression therapy ALL in the one clever kit!

This kit does not contain a silicone strip that is difficult to use or wash after a few days.

CicaLux is designed to prevent or improve hyper-pigmented, raised and/or keloid scars resulting from surgery – such as a c-section delivery, hysterectomies, tummy tucks, breast augmentation.

If you have a surgical scar that raised, uncomfortable, itchy or you don’t like the look it OR you are about to have surgery and want to minimise the risk of scaring OR are have a keloid scar or are prone to them – the CicaLux is for you.

How does CicaLux work?

CicaLux can be used as early as 3 to 6 weeks after surgery—after stitches or staples have been removed and the scar is completely closed and dry.

CicaLux works in a number of ways;

Compression – This helps to flatten and prevent the thickening of scar tissue.  CicaLux’s silicone sheet is smooth and gentle on the skin, and does not pull or tug on the underlying scar tissue.

Hydration – The silicone sheet helps to prevent moisture loss, which is beneficial to the healing process.  Silicone sheets have been shown to improve itchiness of the scar site and pigmentation changes.

It is breathable! – The CicaLux silicone sheet and tape allow the skin to breathe – reducing the likelihood that the skin will soften and break down due to prolonged exposure to moisture.  The CicaLux tape also provides for hygiene and security as it is single-use, replaced daily.

Its reusable and washable!  The CicaLux Silicone sheet is reusable and durable.  It is easy to handle, non-stick and is so easy to clean with soap and water.  The CicaLux stone is natural and hand-crafted making it durable and reusable.

Heat Therapy – The CicaLux stone provides infrared (IR) heat therapy sessions, known to help blood flow, improve healing and provide soothing pain relief.  In fact IR therapy has been used for centuries for a variety therapies, including wound therapy and providing pain relief for new mums with c-section scars.  The Cicalux stone can be removed at anytime and used separately to aid finger massaging of the scar tissue.

Tension relief – The CicaLux tape relieves the stress on the scar while compressing and securing the silicone sheet for optimised performance.  Keeping the skin together on each side of incision helps to prevent widening or voids where the scar tissue can fill and increase the risk of scaring.  The CicaLux tape adheres only to the healthier skin surrounding the scar line – by doing this it prevents any direct pulling or tugging of the scar tissue itself.

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What people have to say about CicaLux!

I find the scar of my patient positively beautiful compared to before, after only a few weeks of use. It is less pigmented and finer! I encourage her to continue to use CicaLux diligently

Thais M, midwife and user

I evaluated CicaLux with 11 of my c-section patients, including 8 that I operated myself & I recommend it

Dr. T. Harvey, MD OBGYN

Before starting CicaLux, I was extremely skeptical but curious about the possibilities to improve my scar which was already 6 years old. After all these years, it was still quite red and still very visible especially the right side (without being hypertrophied). After nearly 60 days of treatment, almost continuously, I find it prettier, much thinner and almost invisible.

Elise B, midwife and user

My caesarean section was in May 2018 and I started using CicaLux in January 2019. I find it easy to use and I immediately saw progress in a few weeks. My scar became smoother, less red and more uniform. I would recommend it to my patients!

Thais M, midwife and user

I have been using CicaLux for only 3 weeks on my one year old breast surgery scar. I am already noticing positive improvements, especially in the color of my scarring, which appears less pink and more white.

Nicola P, user

I continue to use CicaLux all day and night and I am delighted the scar has significantly improved in terms of width and appearance. The itchiness of the scar has also diminished. I am very satisfied and I intend to recommend it to the doctors

Catherine P, user

I’m really impressed. On a scar that is over 3 years old, it seems to be a dramatic improvement in a quite short space of time

Hannah Poulton, Scar Therapist, Physiotherapist and user

Use CicaLux in 3 easy steps

  1. Apply silicone sheet on scar
  2. Secure with 2-way tension tape
  3. Insert warm IR stone into silicone sheet, use for 10 minutes at a time

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Questions you may have about CicaLux


Award Winning you say?

CicaLux has now won FOUR major awards!

The ‘Best Mom winner 2020’ the American National Parenting product (NAPPA) award

‘Mom’s choice awards’ GOLD! 2020 in the USA

The 2020 Mother and Baby Awards Bronze for Best new Mum/Maternity Skincare Product

It also won the prestigious Victoire de la Beaute 2019-2020 Top Innovation Award


Better than standard Silcone Sheets?


The CicaLux kit includes a reusable and washable medical grade silicone strip.  Any one that has tried traditional silicone therapy will tell you that silcone strips can be very flimsy; not particularly durable and a nightmare to wash.

CicaLux silicone handles and washes like a dream – and far more economical as a result!

PLUS! The Cicalux kit includes massage – compression AND heat therapy!

These therapies combine to be an absolute game changer for surgical scars!


How long after surgery can I use CicaLux?

CicaLux can be used as early as 3 to 6 weeks after surgery.

After stitches or staples have been removed and the scar is completely closed and dry.


Can I use CicaLux on older scars?

Absolutely!  However keep in mind that scars that are older than a year old will usually take more time to remodel than newer scars.  Read this blog to see how a Scar Therapist treated her own 3 year old c-section scar

Is CicaLux OK for sensitive skin?

As with any medical grade silicone and tape adhesives, your skin may be sensitive to use with CicaLux.  It is normal to experience some slight redness or slight irritation, however this should clear between daily applications.  If you have any allergic reaction, pain or discomfort, remove CicaLux and discontinue use, and consult your doctor as needed.


Is CicaLux approved for use

With over 50 years of medical device experience, our management team understands product quality is of critical importance to our customers. CicaLux products are designed and manufactured to exact specifications under a Quality Management System in conformance with EU Council Directive 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC for medical devices, and its international standards including: ISO 13485:2016, EN ISO 10993-1:2009, EN ISO 14971:2012, and EN ISO 15223:2016.

CicaLux has been also approved through Australia’s TGA


Do we guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction?

Absolutely!  If you are not satisfied with your CicaLux product, please contact us to discuss an exchange for a full refund of the purchase price within a 30 days of delivery.



What’s included?
The CicaLux pack includes;
• 1 reusable silicone sheet
• 1 reusable heat therapy stone
• 60 single-use tension-relief tapes

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If you are not satisfied with your Cicalux product, please contact us to discuss an exchange or a full refund of the purchase price, within 30 days of delivery.

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