Do you have shaky hands?

Get back to doing the things you love to do – with ‘Steadi-Two’.
This phenomenal battery-free glove is designed to stabilise hand tremor, for people that have Essential tremor & Parkinson's Disease.

What is Steadi-Two?

Heathport is proud to introduce the new and improved Steadi-Two hand stabilising glove to Australia! Steadi-Two is a battery-free glove designed to reduce hand tremor, for people that have Essential tremor & Parkinson’s Disease.

This updated design is incredibly, based on earthquake proof engineering.  Likened to a see-saw in a playground.  The tremor reducing disk is controlled by custom-made magnets, which respond to your tremor by providing an equal and opposite force – reducing the ‘magnitude’ of the tremor.

In fact, benchtop testing demonstrated an 80% reduction of tremor amplitude!

How the Steadi-Two works

The glove works instantly once it is on.  You slip on the non-binding glove, and adjust it to fit your hand – it’s that simple!

The Steadi-Two has a disk – controlled by two magnets, moving in the opposite direction to your tremor – in doing so, lowering the intensity of the tremor!

The amazing Steadiwear engineers were inspired by earthquake technology!

Engineers experimented with multiple technologies including weights, non-Newtonian fluid dampers, powered actuators AND traditional tuned mass dampers.  At the end of the day the reliability, effectiveness and absolute simplicity of magnetic stabilisers won the contest.  The technology that keeps buildings upright during an earthquake….well it is now all stored within one amazing lightweight, compact, battery free glove that controls hand tremor!

Tremors can be debilitating and cause the simplest of daily activities such as eating, drinking and writing to be an absolute challenge.  Steadi-Two works with you to stabilise your hand and achieve these activities with more ease, comfort and control.

The activity you want to achieve with the Steadi-Two?  Well that is totally in your hands!

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“The glove made a difference. I can play games on my computer. Really Much Better! Oh, I’m Winning!"

Betty - Trial User

“When I put (the glove) on, I had a lot of relief as far as being able to drink without spilling all over myself and eat”

John - Trial User

"I put the Steadi-Two on the day I got it and wore it the rest of the day. My arm didn't get tired, and when I needed my arm to be stabilized it was. The Steadi-Two is so easy to wear, I actually forgot it was on my wrist!"

Jan - Trial User

What can I expect of the Steadi-Two?


The Steadi-Two is stacked with features that you will love!


  • It is Ambidextrous – it can be used on either your left OR right hand, without adjustments
  • It is lightweight – coming in at around 400gms!
  • It remains Battery free!
  • Medically non-intrusive – The Steadi-Two means that you are able to control tremors WITHOUT medication, OR the risks associated with surgery OR powered aide
  • Machine Washable – Once the glove is detached from the stabiliser, it can be popped in the washing machine to keep it clean
  • 3 Tremor settings included – The Steadi-Two targets a broad range of tremors.  Within the one device, you are able to select mild/moderate/severe to suit your needs
  • Suits multiple activities – This is not a single action device.  You can use it for multiple activities.  Drinking; putting on mascara; searching the web; jigsaws; eating; shaving; texting on your phone, building the latest and greatest Lego creation….…the list is endless!
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What’s included?

You will  receive a Steadi-Two unit comprised of;

• An ambidextrous, single glove with pouch

• A stabilizer unit

• A user manual


Steadi-Two has a 30 day money back guarantee*

All Steadi-Two purchases offer free postage



What kind of warranty does my Steadi-Two come with?

Steadi-Two comes with a 1-year limited warranty. We warrant the product if defected under ordinary consumer use. The warranty does not cover the following:

  • dropping
  • liquid damage
  • force damage
  • damage due to misuse
  • alterations or repairs performed by a third party other than Steadiwear Inc.

If covered damage occurs outside the warranty period, we will require the unit to be sent to our main office and the service will be priced based on the severity of the damage.

To make a warranty claim email us at


To return your Steadi-Two glove for a full refund, please do the following:

  • Email us at to request an RMA (return merchandise authorization) within 30 days from when you first received the product as determined by the tracking information – to take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee*
  • Once instructions have been conveyed, return the fully-functional product to us in its original packaging with all components. The return must be postmarked within 14 days of when the RMA was issued.
  • All items returned must have an RMA number. Returns without an RMA number may be returned to the sender at their cost.
  • Items need to be returned in their original condition and packaging.
  • Keep in mind that once the product has been shipped for return it can take up to 2 weeks to process your refund from the time your return arrives at our warehouse.
  • After the return policy time frame, only warranty claims can be made. Please see warranty section for more details.

Return information

Contact Healthport for product return RMA:

  • Email us at

The Steadi-Two is designed to work most effectively for people with mild to marked tremors in the wrist and forearm.

The Steadi-Two system allows full range of motion while resisting multiple tremor directions that are proven to be the most common in Essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease.

The Steadi-Two stabilizer unit contains a small magnet. If you are undergoing an MRI, have a cardiac pacemaker or other implantable medical electronic devices, please consult your healthcare provider prior to using the glove.

For the Steadi-Two we recommend that you wash the Lycra glove after every 2 weeks of regular use or when you feel it’s necessary. Before you wash the glove, the damper should be detached.

You can wash your glove with different methods:     

  • Machine wash in gentle cycle (cold water). Place glove in portable pouch before putting into the washing machine.
  • Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat setting.
  • Hand-wash with warm water.

Practice good housekeeping to keep dust and contamination to a minimum.

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The Steadi-Two glove in action