Why a bedwetting alarm is an awesome member of your parenting arsenal!

30 Aug 2021

Congratulations, you have survived the ‘Sleep Deprivation Gulag for Parents of Babies and Toddlers’!  You are looking forward to a few extra Zzzs….but low and behold, sleep is still elusive….your gorgeous little person has hit a momentous milestone…… bedwetting!


Well, you are by no means alone!

Just because a child is able to master staying dry during the day, it does not mean that they are able to be dry at night.  Most children under the age of five years wet the bed, and one in 10 younger primary school age children do too (1).  By the time children are 10, some 7% of children are wetting the bed (2).  Each child matures and hits developmental milestones at a different pace.  Different children stop wetting the bed, at different ages.  Generally speaking, occasional childhood bedwetting is considered normal, and not something that is of concern (3)

While most children do not have any lasting problems with wetting the bed, many will feel embarrassed or anxious about being wet overnight (3).  It can also cause issues for school aged children that want to enjoy school camps or staying overnight with friends.

As well as that, the tough work in the Sleep deprivation gulag continues!  Whether we are stocking up with expensive, environmentally guilt-worthy pull-ups; or doing the 3rd bedsheet wash for the week; changing the sheets…again at 2am….or providing yet another intensive, midnight counselling session, whilst we gently and supportively coax our small darlings into dry clothes, and back into the land of nod…..It’s exhausting and emotionally draining work for both the little person and the adult!


Recipes for success with night time toilet training include;

  • Assessing whether the little person is ready to toilet train at night;
    • Do they wake up every morning with a wet nappy or pull-up? Then they are not ready.
    • If they often wake up dry (or wet only just before they get up – it will be warm if this happens) – then they may be ready.
    • If they try to go to the toilet at night, or call for you at night to help – then they may be ready
  • Having easy access to the toilet. If getting to the toilet isn’t easy, putting a potty in their room or using night lights can help.
  • Talking to your child about the process of getting up at night, and how they will get there – involving them in the process, and letting them know it’s OK to get up to go to the toilet.
  • Ensuring that your little person has clothes that are not tricky to pull down in the middle of the night.
  • Restricting fluids can actually make things worse– make sure they are well hydrated during the day
  • Making night time toilet training a positive and fun experience. We know that punishment, criticism and humiliation can make it harder to get a successful outcome.



Tools such as bedwetting alarms can also be an incredibly important member of your parenting arsenal!  Research in-fact has shown 80% of children can be helped to stay dry with an alarm! (2).  Haven’t heard of a bedwetting alarm?


Here are 6 reasons why bedwetting alarms are an awesome member of your parenting arsenal:


  1. It’s not a band-aid solution

Bedwetting alarms solve the problem! These alarms help kids wake up and make it to the toilet in time. This way they can stop wearing nappies, pull ups or other solutions that simply ‘manage’ the problem. The way it works is, a small moisture sensor is attached to the pyjamas or undies. When this detects moisture, it sets of an alert of that wakes the child up to go to the toilet. (2, 5)


  1. Train the brain for success

Bedwetting alarms train the brain. After waking up several times, a pattern begins to form in the brain. This pattern teaches children to recognize the bladder signals and make it to the toilet on time, training the brain to ‘beat the buzzer’ – Amazing! (5)


  1. They can make learning to be dry overnight – fun!

Bedwetting alarms involve the child in the process of learning to be dry.  Some alarms allow them to see their own progress; allow the child and their parent to see patterns of the toileting to better predict when they need to go; allow them to record their voices or perhaps they have a favourite adult  – mum, dad, auntie or grandpa’s voices can be recorded too; and have rewards as they go.  These things can make a daunting task very fun!


  1. Comfy to wear

Bedwetting alarms can now be very comfortable to wear. Bedwetting alarms tend to be small and simple to attach to clothing.  There are now bedwetting alarms that do not have wires.  Much more comfortable and discreet than pullups or nappies!


  1. Support the war on waste

Bed alarms are incredibly environmentally friendly! Did you know that disposable nappies take over 500 years to decompose? About 800 MILLION disposable nappies end up in Australian landfill EACH year! By using a bedwetting alarm and training the bladder, you are sending less to landfill and supporting a war on waste in your own home. (4)


  1. Goodbye sleep deprivation gulag!

And in the end, when it is all done and dusted, you can say goodbye to the sleep deprivation gulag….well…….until your little person is a teenager…..then you will be awake for other reasons (-;


Convinced? Learn to be dry overnight the FUN way, with the Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm!